Of a small town in Quebec, I have traveled and make British Columbia my home. The coastal climate  inspires with natural healing power - producing an artwork that thematically looks to depict renewal and timeless relationships. The simplicity seen in my art is traditional - an influence of earth based Taoism – a way of natural health and wellness.

Through many years of artistic and spiritual training, I have searched for a way that reveals a field of healing light. With process, I reclaimed my indigenous roots. I use a simple white background set with gold to reflect a way of stewardship.

With imagination the power of passion ignites. An effective way to promote interest and desire for environmental care. To imagine a world – where desire for care is allowed and the fire of compassion protected is Fires of Compassion. Contact for Denise Richard: firesofcompassion.com

Light of Blooms 

Oil pastel drawings on gold tempera

Approx. size each 36 inches x 36 inches

Bowen Island - Summer 2020

 Denise Richard - Works of Art