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Denise Richard 

                                                About Five Blossom Gatherings - Denise Richard Works of Art

I set the seed for Five Blossom Gatherings long ago with an understanding of art that is not usual. Of a small town in Quebec, Canada, my artistic development had the normal university formation, with an added support of an international influence. Beyond these standards I was engaged to grow with indigenous training and the setting of a value for art as personal empowerment. Together these experiences set the course for a passionate seeking, reclaiming a natural way of expression in spirituality and art.

I describe my work by way of one tradition – my drawings reflect the light of Taoism. Synthesizing a natural tendency for simplicity and form. Since the early 80’s my work on paper and tempera has always satisfied my need for a light, fast stroke of pastel colour. This approach offers the viewer an opportunity to play and complete the image.

The work presented  depicts care for the oceans and dearly important species needing protection,  As example the salmon and birds of Bowen island, British Columbia. Living a coastal climate in a temperate rain forest offers a close look at current concerns. These large pastel drawings are set on gold tempera as earth is the only source for nourishment and the keeping of standards. The Salmon are viewed returning to their home as symbol for renewal and collective care. The birds are viewed in playful calm waiting.